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Best Automated Conveyor Belt for production systems


For the past few years I have been running equipments manufacturing company that includes spares for big machinery and we produce in large quantities as mass production can considerably reduce the cost but I wanted to automate the production system.

When I was returning home I kept thinking over it and as I was standing over a conveyor system in the subway it stroke my mind that using an automated system that has conveyor belt can really help my production department to be more effective as conveyors have a mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. And the spares consist of several sub units to be assembled and using this quick and efficient transportation of a wide variety of sub assemblies is possible.

In the market, many kinds of conveyors such as gravity, stainless and heavy duty conveyors are available, and are used according to the various needs of different industries.


Absolute Rotary Encoder for automated production systems


After the industrial revolution had taken place peoples’ reliability on the machines for manufacturing and production has increased. Industries and factories have replaced most of the man driven processes by machines. And in recent times the development of technology has made a significant contribution to the field of electronics. This had resulted in automation. Almost most of the production and manufacturing processes are being automated now.

Electrical machines coupled with electronics controllers are being widely used. Motion engineering is the latest technology that is being employed worldwide in many areas like avionics, aerospace, transportation and many more. Most of the motor arrangements can be coupled with rotary encoder arrangements. The advantage of using motion encoders like absolute rotary encoders is we can customize almost all of its parts like shaft, code disks and even its complete architecture. Any kind of operation in a machine that we use in our day to day life can also be customized using the rotary or shaft encoders.